About us

Hello! My name is Ayako Goto.

I was born into a family of Kimono (Japanese traditional dress) seamstresses and grew up surrounded by fabric scraps. I was playing with fabric and thread when I was small. Later, I studied graphic design, and I have spent many years working in front of a screen.

After many years of working in Tokyo and off from Tokyo, come back to Tokyo and off from Tokyo and agian and again...... 

I again quitted the busy life in Tokyo and moved to Montreal, Canada. It seems that I finally settled down in one place.

I started repair and alternation of clothes in my neighbourhood. I am so happy to have Montreal life by communicating with my clients and to touch again with fabric and thread.

Then I started making my original product, it is called Tokyo Bag.

Each time I am making bags for my clients with my hands, I am sure that my decision was right to come here and open this shop!